"By allowing us to leverage the equity that we raised, Vencore helped us to stretch our investment farther and open our plant to begin production earlier than we could have without their financing."

Jim Miller
President & CEO
Apex Construction Systems

"Vencore has saved us tens of thousands of dollars in up-front costs and allowed us to accelerate our research programs. Eric Speer calmly and carefully walked me through the financing arrangement. It was completely new to me as a first time entrepreneur, and it has served us very well over the last 14 months."

Scott Thacher, Ph.D.
Orphagen Pharmaceuticals

"Len Ludwig has been an important financial resource and a trusted partner through several business ventures going back almost 20 years. The financing provided by Vencore offers Centrisoft the flexibility to expand its business model to encompass managed services and increase enterprise value. We appreciate the Vencore team's responsiveness and professionalism in providing this solution."

Matt Chapman

"The financing Vencore provided allowed us to purchase the equipment we needed to take our company to the next level. Vencore has been a valuable business partner, and we look forward to continuing our relationship far into the future."

James L. Stock
Chief Financial Officer

"First and foremost, these are business people … 80/20 focus, pragmatic & solutions oriented — on top of that, they’re good to work with."

Terry Murphy

"Hats off to … the whole Vencore team in completing what might normally have taken 4 weeks in two weeks. (Our bank) and their folks … scrambled to get documentation. Tremendous effort, coordination and cooperation by all teams."

Elliott Troutman

"My first conversation with Tom Linnemann of VenCore took place on a Thursday evening before a holiday weekend. I explained to him that we needed a lease line of several hundred thousand dollars to obtain a critical piece of lab equipment. That was the easy part. The hard part was that in order to take advantage of very favorable terms from the manufacturer, we needed the line in place and a PO issued in six days. Although I was expecting a chuckle and the tenth version of “no” I’d heard that day, Tom didn’t even hesitate to say that if the deal checked out, the timing wasn’t an issue. The following Tuesday, Tom was in our office with documents and by the next day the equipment was in transit to us. I was thrilled and our board was amazed. On such an incredibly tight schedule, there is simply no way we could have done it without VenCore."

John Climaco
President & CEO
Axial Biotech

"You are a star!! I must say you have done an excellent job on this lease. I so greatly appreciate your help and your constant communication to me on the status of this. I wish other companies were as good as you. We have been difficult clients so you definitely deserve war pay for working with us. I will also add that particularly in finance we often hear the words "no we cannot do that" but you are very open in saying ... "well let's see what we can do make this work" and then we go from there."

Shelley Ann Kametler
Lab Purchasing-Sample & Stability Coordinator
KBI BioPharma

"VenCore provided financing for our equipment needs so we could focus on raising equity for sales and marketing instead of hard assets. The decision making was quick and the paperwork that needed to be sign was kept to a minimum. I would highly recommend VenCore to anyone looking at lease financing alternatives."

Dave Moffenbeier
Absorbent Technologies

"VenCore Solutions played a critical role in assisting LeisureLink in procuring the necessary hardware equipment necessary to make LeisureLink a reality. They showed professionalism and were highly responsive to the needs of our start-up organization. I wholeheartedly recommend VenCore for any early stage technology organization looking for a long-term financing partner."

Kelly Tompkins
President & Founder

"VenCore took the time to listen and understand our business the way a true partner would. They are proactive and look for reasons to move things forward."

Robert Steele
Chairman & CEO
Quintek Technologies

"VenCore Solutions is a notch above the other venture leasing companies that we have dealt with. Their attention to detail and their customer centric focus has been second to none. They have taken the time to understand our business and have responded in a timely matter regarding our every need. The due diligence and documentation processes were rigorous yet pleasant, even adding value to the business along the way. VenCore Solutions will continue to get our equipment leasing business, not only for our corporate needs, but we look forward to developing a vendor program with them in the future."

Bill Woahn

"Epana Networks plans to invest its financing dollars on additional equipment and technical support for that equipment. VenCore provided us with the financing dollars to help us achieve our technology objectives. VenCore was an exceptional partner for us throughout this financing process and we appreciate their support."

Meryl Ravitz
Corp. Secretary & Controller
Epana Networks

"Thanks for your cooperation. I'm very glad your firm can move so fast. We are looking for a long-term relationship with VenCore."

Wei Gao
CEO/President & Founder
Axcel Photonics

"VenCore is a first rate provider of equipment financing and is a supportive partner for young growth companies. In addition to being a client, we regularly refer our portfolio companies to VenCore."

Barbara Luke
Capital Valley Ventures

"The team at VenCore is fantastic! They understand finances of growth stage companies, they understand leasing, and most importantly they're dealmakers! Every young company requiring capital expenditures should talk with them before purchasing!"

Ulysses Sherman
The Aspen Companies

"Partnering with VenCore Solutions allowed us to preserve capital for growing our operations. Their professional team provided us with several financing scenarios to meet our needs and was very responsive in helping us ensure our equipment needs were met in a timely manner. We enjoy working with VenCore and look forward to continuing our relationship as we continue to grow our business."

Bryan Barganier

"We didn't like the way we were being treated by some other leasing companies, but we appreciated VenCore's approach."

Russell W. Wilding

"We discussed our equipment financing requirements with a number of leasing companies, but we didn't like their approach. VenCore's approach matched the way we wanted to conduct business."

James Snider
Executive Vice President of Business and Operations
Intelligent Medical Devices

"As our business has grown, VenCore has grown with us and has become a trusted and valuable financial resource."

Dawn Drella
Vice President of Finance

"VenCore has provided immense value to our Company. VenCore has responded to our requests for equipment financing in a timely and immediate manner, enabling our Company to meet strict timelines for performance. I do not hesitate in recommending VenCore to any other CEO or CFO seeking flexible financing options for their equipment needs."

James N. Maiocco
Klir Technologies

"Not only has VenCore provided us with the financial resources necessary for us to succeed, they did it when we needed them the most."

Brian Neal
Vice President
Quick Study Radiology

"In-vehicle technology allowed Flexcar to take quantum leaps forward in terms of both back office efficiency as well as convenience for our members. VenCore clearly understood not just our financial needs, but how this technology would shape the future of our company. Our partnership with VenCore has been, and will continue to be, crucial to our success."

Lance Ayrault
President & CEO

"VenCore is a wonderful network partner that is proactive in helping the companies that we fund. They are also a good source of qualified deal-flow for us. Above all, they are very honorable people."

Peter Bernardoni
Technology Funding

"By financing most of our manufacturing equipment, VenCore allowed us to delay and minimize the amount of equity required to get us into full production, when we could raise our valuation and become more interesting to investors. A higher valuation means less dilution and an improved return to the original investors. Additionally, we were impressed with the high quality, professional service provided by the VenCore staff."

Christopher Derrington
IsoTruss Structures

"VenCore has been extremely helpful and creative - something you don't usually find with 'banker-types'. VenCore did what they said they were going to do, and we have also been impressed with their responsiveness when we needed to make changes to our business plan."

Jane Conner
iSense Corporation

"Companies should leverage their equity with a debt facility to acquire capital equipment – but don't borrow from your bank because they are lending you your own money, and then they may invoke their financial covenants."

Carl Weissman
President & CEO
Accelerator Corp.

"VenCore has proven to be a critical partner in helping to fuel Chockstone's growth."

Kevin Koeb
Director of Finance

"The past year has been a very difficult time for early stage companies to secure institutional financing. It is critical for companies to be able to advance prototype development and show "proof of principle" in order to put the company in a better position to raise venture capital. The capital lease line provided by VenCore, in conjunction with angel investments, gave CardioKinetix the ability to function as a real company versus a virtual company. The mill and lathe we secured have more than paid for themselves in terms of what it would have cost to contract that work out."

Hugh Sharkey
President & CEO

"VenCore served as the foundation of our public launch and we are elated to have you (VenCore) as partners."

Lance Crosby
Founder and CEO
SoftLayer Technologies

"Vencore Capital was critical to the Company's success in that it allowed us to comfortably achieve the milestones required to attract quality institutional investors under favorable terms. From my vantage point, Vencore's venture debt is uniquely targeted to fill the expanding void between the smaller angel/seed rounds and the increasingly large institutional Series A."

Daniel Burnett

"This morning, the company received videotapes from 4 families whose children had gotten tango!s in the last month. The children, who had been completely unable to communicate with other methods, were truly interacting with their parents: speaking, telling them what they wanted, and telling stories, smiling, having fun. Two speech therapists who were here said they had never seen that sort of progress, nor at that sort of speed. In fact, it brought tears to their eyes.

A few hours later, we received the wire from VenCore. It had sort of the same affect on our CFO.

It's been a pleasure doing business together. Our company has a great future. And I'm very pleased you and VenCore are a part of it."

Richard Ellenson

"Vencore Solutions fills a space for promising entrepreneurial companies that are on the brink of success but require modest additional capital to reach the next plateau. TraumaCure found that, unlike traditional venture capital funds, Vencore provides that needed $500,000 to $2,000,000 in funding without demanding intrusive involvement in management and without complex and one-sided documentation that engenders large legal bills. The due diligence was straightforward and focused and the terms of lending did not require a Wall Street lawyer to decipher.

We at TraumaCure are very pleased with our experiences with Vencore and look forward to our continued relationship."

John "Jack" J. McDonnell
Chairman, Executive VP & General Counsel

"Thanks Beth. You were, in no small way, part of our success enabling us to reach this first goal of many."

Rhonda B. Friedman, ScD
President and Chief Operating Officer

"The Vencore team was responsive and efficient: no wasted time in the process. They worked with us to refinance current debt as part of a larger equity financing, that improved our cash flow allowing us invest in a new product platform."

Roger W. Boyce
President & CEO
Evident Software

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