About Us

Vencore Capital was founded by entrepreneurs who have served emerging-growth companies with venture debt financing for the past 20 years. Vencore distinguishes itself from other lenders by our commitment to provide capital earlier in a company's lifecycle — prior to traditional venture-capital financing — and through our willingness to do smaller deals with more flexible structures and pricing. Our approach is to match the size, structure and pricing to our clients' risk profiles. Our deals typically range from $50K to $2M.

With relatively small, well-timed infusions of cash from Vencore, you can:

  • Acquire critical human resources and capital equipment
  • Complete strategic product development activities
  • Implement key go-to-market strategies
  • Build brand and market awareness

By pushing out your next round of equity financing — extending your reach — until you achieve one or more of these strategic initiatives, you increase your company's valuation with less dilution for investors, founders and other early shareholders.

Vencore is successful because we focus squarely on customer satisfaction and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. As a result, we have established lifetime partnerships with more than 200 angel- and venture capital-backed companies and have provided more than $100 million in venture debt financing. We maintain a strong local presence in communities throughout the U.S. and offer highly individualized support designed to help ensure our clients' success.

By allowing us to leverage the equity that we raised, Vencore helped us to stretch our investment farther and open our plant to begin production earlier than we could have without their financing.”
Jim Miller
President & CEO
Apex Construction Systems