Product Overview

Vencore Capital enables early-stage companies to grow. We match the size, structure and pricing of our loans and leases to a client's risk profile. A typical venture debt arrangement ranges from $50K to $2M and is repaid over two to three years. We custom-tailor terms to a client's specific needs and stage of development.

Vencore offers the following four types of products:

  • Seed Stage — These smaller ($50K to $300K) loans or leases help highly promising startups that have not raised venture capital and whose needs are relatively small.
  • Early Equipment Stage — These larger ($200K to $750K) loans or leases are designed for angel- or VC-backed companies typically in the R&D or early revenue stage.
  • Early-Stage Growth Capital — These loans (typically $250K to $750K) fund operating expenses and growth but are not tied to acquisition of a specific asset. We offer them exclusively to companies with supportive investors and whose performance closely tracks plans.
  • Later-Stage Growth Capital — These larger loans ($0.5M to $2M) generally offer larger amounts of growth capital or equipment loans/leases to more mature companies. We offer them to companies whose cash flow will remain positive over the life of the debt or who have secured an equity investment to support debt service. Growing enterprise value is our primary consideration in deciding to offer this type of arrangement.
The financing Vencore provided allowed us to purchase the equipment we needed to take our company to the next level. Vencore has been a valuable business partner, and we look forward to continuing our relationship far into the future.”
James L. Stock
Chief Financial Officer